Telephone Lines Troubleshooting

Telephone Line Troubleshooting

If you have a telephone system connected to your telephone lines and a fault occurs on any aspect of your system or lines, then a system re-boot normally cures the problem.

If your telephone line is connected to a telephone system, please find the CPU (The Box that screwed to the wall or housed in your Comms cabinet and then power off the device for 3 minutes then power back up again and leave for a further 5 minutes then re-test.

If you still have issues, then the most common questions and answers relating to line faults are listed below.

However, if you do have a fault on a telephone line that is supplied by Alliance Netserve and you cannot find a resolution for it below, then please contact us by telephone, our number is listed on our Contacts page, or by clicking this link to submit your fault online.

Need further assistance? Submit a fault!

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