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Quality Assurance

We constantly review the service that we provide to our customers to ensure only the highest of standards are maintained. We also regularly compare our tariffs against our key competitors to ensure you always receive excellent value for money.

Cost Effective Solutions

On average, Alliance Netserve customers save up to 55% on phone calls and up to 33% on line rental when compared with BT. This great package includes line rental, low local and national rates, plus low international call rates to all destinations.

Switching To Us Is Simple

Just tell us which numbers you would like to switch, along with your billing postcode and we will take care of the rest! It really is that simple, there is no distruption of service and you will keep all your existing numbers, plus Openreach will still maintain your line should you ever have a fault on it.

Why businesses choose this phone deal

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    Save up to 33% on line rental compared to BT

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    Save up to 55% on call spend

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    Keep your existing phone line and number

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    Simple and no hassle transfer

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    BT Openreach will maintain your line

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    Same network, cheaper bills

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    Basic package is designed specifically for UK small businesses

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    Our customer service is second to none

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    UK based customer support team

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    Other products from our portfolio can be added to the same monthly bill

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Select Services

Additional features we can provide on your line installation.

Answer 1571

Holds messages from incoming callers. Callers can record messages of up to 2 minutes, and it can store up to 10 messages. Once you have listened to a message, it is saved for 20 days.

Call Minder

Answers calls and records messages on no reply or engaged. Answer up to 2 calls at once and take messages when you are on the phone. Store up to 30 messages; 5 minutes per message; 15 minutes total time.

Caller Display

Caller Display shows you the number of the person calling, so you can decide whether to pick up the phone or leave it to your answering service.

Choose To Refuse

This service enables you to bar the telephone number of the last answered incoming call. Inputting access code 14258 followed by ** will activate barring, following termination of the call.

Call Waiting

Incoming callers are placed in a queue. You can then finish your original call, swap between both calls, or continue with your current call. In the latter case, the caller will be asked to ring back later.

Call Barring

You can choose to stop certain types of calls. For example, international or Premium Rate Information calls (but not 999/112 or 151). You can also restrict numbers calling into your phone.

Call Rejection

This is a network based service that allows you to block calls from people who have withheld their numbers. Anonymous Call Rejection is controlled by you and will block all incoming calls using withheld numbers.

Reminder Call

Set your phone for a single Alarm Call or, on a System X exchange, for a series of regular Reminder Calls using the 24-hour clock. Most single-lines have the Reminder Call service as part of your normal package.

Call Diversion

Allows you to divert all your calls to another number - anywhere in the UK, most overseas destinations or a mobile phone. You can choose to; divert all calls, divert on no reply or divert when the line is busy.

Three Way Calling

Allows customers to speak to two other people at the same time even if one of them is abroad. You can include or exclude either party at any time during the call.

Call Sign

Allows you to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line. When somebody dials the Alternate Number, the telephone on that line will ring with a different tone allowing you to determine who the caller is by ear.

Call Return

Just dial '1471' to hear the number of the last person who called, together with the time and date (unless withheld or from an exchange where the Calling Line Identity is not available). To call them back, just press '3'.

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